I view life through the lenses of texture, pattern, color, and design.  My aesthetic is influenced by my travels in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe.  The Middle East holds a special attraction, and I am charmed by the rich textures of the Bedouin and Berber cultures, the patina of artifacts from age-old souks and open-air marketplaces, the strong lines and graphic detail of Egyptian art, and the intense colors of Morocco.  Architectural stonework from some of the oldest civilizations, including the stupa of Nepal and the tile work in the Arab world has also been a feast for my senses and a springboard for my creative energy.


For centuries fabric has been layered for warmth and cut for design.  I create an intricate textile I call “skive“ fabric, a term leatherworkers use to get to the essence of their craft.  Layers of fabric that may include brocade, jacquard, linen, silk, or other materials go through a process of stitching, cutting and manipulation to create my textile.  More recently denim, sometimes bleached the way the sun bleaches so many things here at my island home,  and vintage quilts have found their way into my repertoire.  I then design and draft patterns, then sew these textiles into wearable art in the form of coats, jackets, hats and bags.  I often adorn my work with pieces of jewellery, artifacts, beads, shells, bones and other pieces of cultural handiwork that are gathered in my travels and speak to me when our paths cross. Sashiko stitching and Boro inspired patchwork have also become a part of my textile journey. 


I live on an island off the coast of Portland, Maine and find inspiration in all the gifts the surrounding ocean has to offer.    

Thank you for your interest in my work; please contact me for pricing.